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Chubu Business Unit

Contributing to the growth of local industry and stimulating the local economy through the supply of materials and services


From the Chubu region to the rest of Japan

Chubu region is located in the important place of traffic. People・goods・money coming from various areas cross each other in this region. It has a lot of local industries which have long history and tradition. Though three prefectures, namely Aichi, Gifu and Mie, are said to have about 10% share of gross domestic product, they have about 18% share of the total product shipment in Japan. A range of steel products manufactured locally are distributed all over Japan. We are looking to meet demand in a wide variety of fields, including products for construction, heavy machinery, such as construction equipment, automotive parts and household appliances and equipment etc. Harnessing the strength of the Mitsui Group, we are playing our role in supporting the overseas and global expansion of our clients.


The supply of materials through the network

The automobile industry representing our country is located in Chubu region. Automobiles produced in this region are shipped from the port of Nagoya to many countries in the world. The automobile export accounts for approximately 50% of the total export from the port of Nagoya. It is No.1 among all Japanese ports in terms of value and number of automobiles shipped. The manufacturing industries, i.e. the automobile industry etc., have global competitiveness and support vigorous Chubu. Harnessing our network with coil centers and exclusive distributers, Mitsui & Co. Steel offers effective distribution services in an effort to support the local manufacturing industry by supplying steel materials, including the automotive industry, power industry and the production of construction materials, containers and steel furniture etc.


Growing together with the local community

A variety of construction projects supports the growth of the economy in Chubu region. Construction of many projects for earthquake and tsunami countermeasure, thermal power & solar power generation, large-sized business complex, linear-motor train line and highway is being planned and those projects are expected to produce economic benefit. Mitsui & Co. Steel caters to the diverse construction and civil engineering fields in the area of disaster prevention and local development - areas of growing importance for the future, the housing industry and the new field of renewable energy.

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