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Performance Steel Products Unit

Supply of steel materials produced by advanced technology into different fields


Special steel materials to meet the needs of various industries

Special steel includes a range of high-quality and multifunctional steel materials that Japan boasts to the rest of the world. Various properties can be added to these material by its chemical adjustment, heat treatment and forming process. Harnessing our network with special steel manufacturers, distributors and steel processing manufacturers, we have established an efficient supply chain framework of special steel & parts that can meet the diverse needs of a variety of industries.


Accommodating the world’s bearing manufacturers via high performance logistic system

Bearings are incorporated into the critical parts of all kinds of machines. They receive and support shafts that rotate at high speed and “bear” the fierce friction as the origin of the word “bearing” indicates. Bearings are used in all kinds of machines from automobiles to home appliances to artificial satellites and constitute integral part of industrial development. We globally handle bearings in the forms of steel materials, parts, and products via high performance logistics systems.


Steel wire rods, a key product for industries. Business opportunities around the world

Steel wire rods are used in a wide range of applications across a variety of fields, including the automotive, infrastructure, and energy industries, as a key product essential to the social infrastructure. As we’ve built solid relationships and shared our strategies with the world's top market players, we’ve been providing value-added services to various industries both domestically and internationally. Keeping up with actions required to accelerate SDGs, we continue to take on challenges of creating new businesses that meet the needs of the times by multilaterally utilizing the global network of Mitsui group.


Supply of stainless steel materials via high quality services

Stainless steel materials are used for a variety of different purposes, such as kitchenware, auto parts, electronic devices, and renewable energy power generations. In addition to our solid and wide-ranging sales network especially with our distributors, we provide a unique one-stop service comprising logistics, processing, and sales in collaboration with our affiliate, MSS Stainless Steel Center Co., Ltd. and make ongoing efforts to pursue further potential of stainless while accurately capturing user needs.


Provide value added service through our global network

We adequately capture the market needs through Mitsui & Co., Ltd’s global network and supply chain and pursue further possibilities of the functional materials such as stainless, special steel and the processed products. We provide value added service to our customers all over the world as a global solution provider.

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