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Energy Steel Products Unit

By providing steel pipe, tube and other steel products and services that support a stable supply of energy around the world, we actively contribute to the realization of a prosperous and livable society, while keeping a keen eye on the preservation of our global environment.


Contribution to the stable supply of oil and LNG

We contribute to the development of energy globally through our robust and stable supply chain of energy related material. Our product and service offerings include OCTG for upstream oil and gas development, line pipe for production, gathering, transportation, steel plate for offshore structural platforms, specialty steel pipe for refineries and chemical plants and IMR (Inspection, Maintenance and Repair) services.


We strive to realize a sustainable society and contribute to the reduction of C02 emissions

As the energy sector shifts, we are also focusing our efforts to supply steel products for renewable energy development. By supplying steel plate for wind towers and IMR (Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair) services, we contribute to the realization of a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society that is in harmony with the environment.


Challenging new value creation and innovation with advanced high-performance materials

By collaborating with our partners, we are challenging new value creation and innovation by providing advanced high-performance material that meet the needs of eco-friendly, reduced maintenance, and reduced touch points post-COVID-19 Pandemic. As an example, we are working diligently to expand the special steel business that utilizes the “smiLLe ™” system in the refinery and petrochemical industries. The business model of “smiLLe ™” is a new business model that collaborates with process licensors in the early stages of equipment design to provide steel materials and services that can avoid corrosion of process equipment and significantly reduce maintenance costs.


Providing our global and high-functioning supply chain management leveraged by the conglomerate strength of the Mitsui & Co. Group

In cooperation with our overseas and domestic partners, we leverage the strength of Mitsui & Co. Group’s global network to provide reliable logistics in order to meet each customer’s needs.

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