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We contribute to the creation of a better society by supporting with our functional logistics of project materials mainly iron and steel construction materials and steel plates
Through the efficient distribution of steel material, we will contribute to creating a brighter future across a wide spectrum of industries in collaboration with our partners in Japan and overseas


Contribution to development of overseas transportation infrastructure

Rail is used all throughout the world to move trains of various purposes. Certain types of rail is used for passenger transport in an urban center on metro and subway lines to high speed long distance transport, while other types of rail is used for heavy haul in the industrial sector to transport various goods and natural resources such as iron ore and coal. We are dedicated to continue to support the safe and efficient transportation of both people and goods through our robust supply of rails to overseas projects.


Our proposals of know-how-based functions

We make several proposals through infrastructure-related value chain in Japan and overseas of Mitsui group. For example, our services go beyond a simple supply of materials based on the plant construction drawing, as well as process functions, logistics and process control of the project, we are also providing total solutions based on our long-accumulated know-how and network.


Strive to provide stable supply of energy that is environmentally friendly

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is attracting attention as a clean energy. With the growing global demand for LNG in recent years, many new LNG terminal development plans have been implemented in Japan and overseas. The LNG tanks for storing LNG liquefied at extremely low temperature are among the most important facilities at these terminals. There are only a limited number of LNG tank manufacturers and steel manufacturers in the world who can provide the special heavy plates for the tanks. We provide a stable supply of special heavy plates to the LNG tank manufacturers in the world.
Because the demand for special steel is growing in the LNG industries, we are also working to provide steel materials for other LNG facilities as well as tanks.


Using our comprehensive strengths to respond to increasingly complex and sophisticated needs

Steel sheet is employed in all areas of daily life. As a team of professionals engaged primarily in the steel sheet construction materials business, we will use our global sales networks to ensure stable, reliable supplies of products to meet our customers’ needs. Also, we will invest and participate in business operations in order to contribute to the development of the steel sheet industry. We aspire to be a total solution provider, drawing on the comprehensive strengths of the Mitsui & Co. group, to present new ideas, such as proposals for composites of steel sheet and other materials and streamlining measures to reduce labor costs.


Making demands with the Mitsui & Co., Ltd. group’s integrated strengths

We continue to provide value to both time-honored customers as well as new customers in Japan by taking advantage of the Mitsui Bussan Group’s global network. Not limited to handling the distribution through collaborationg with steel fablicators cutting and processing steel pipes and plates, we will create jobs and strive to build mutually beneficial strategic relationships, utilizing numerous investment projects of Mitsui Bussan Group as a lever.


Providing comprehensive solutions to food safety and food loss problems

We supply Electrolytic Tin Plate (ETP) and tin-free steel (TFS) not only in Japan but worldwide for use in various types of cans. We respond to food safety needs by supplying high-quality materials, and we are determined to contributing to solving food loss problems through the further popularization of cans that allow longer storage periods. As a solution provider, we globally respond to all of our customers packaging-related needs by fully exercising the comprehensive strengths of the Mitsui & Co. group.


Supply of stainless steel materials via high quality services

Stainless steel materials are used for a variety of different purposes, such as kitchenware, auto parts, electronic devices, and renewable energy power generations. In addition to our solid and wide-ranging sales network especially with our distributors, we provide a unique one-stop service comprising logistics, processing, and sales in collaboration with our affiliate, MSS Stainless Steel Center Co., Ltd. and make ongoing efforts to pursue further potential of stainless while accurately capturing user needs.


Provide value added service through our global network

We adequately capture the market needs through Mitsui & Co., Ltd’s global network and supply chain and pursue further possibilities of the functional materials such as stainless, special steel and the processed products. We provide value added service to our customers all over the world as a global solution provider.

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