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About Tetsushonin

We asked our officers and employees to come up with a word that describes our company and our employees, and the word “tetsushonin” (steel merchant) was selected. At Mitsui & Co. Steel, we have a pool of talent capable of expanding our business globally, while leveraging a high level of expertise in relation to steel, and underpinning the development of society. Our concept of “tetsushonin” envisions people as described below.

  1. Those with a great sense of responsibility, who accept challenges face on with humility, hold high ambitions and principled perspectives, and act with integrity and initiative in order to win the trust of others.
  2. Those who are full of curiosity, are interested in uncharted areas and environments, and possess the ability to use their interest as a fuel to take on challenges.
  3. Those with passion who can persistently take action to involve those around and breakthrough challenging situations, and who hold the potential to create new opportunities.

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