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Automotive & Electrical Steel Unit

We will contribute to the globalization of the automotive and electrical steel through both logistics and business


Growing together with clients by leveraging joined forces of the Mitsui & Co. Group

By leveraging the network of the Mitsui & Co. Group that extends over Japan and overseas countries, we supply steel sheet for automotives and electrical steel sheet. Moreover, we continue growing toward globalization together with our clients by investing in the service center and the components manufacture.


Making inroads into a new field with environment and resources as keywords

In response to the needs of the times, such as environmental and natural resource issues, eco-friendly cars have emerged and the development of new technologies, such as hot pressing that achieves weight saving, and new materials have been accelerating in the automotive industry. The Automotive Steel Business Unit intends to actively invest in business and logistics endeavors related to new technologies through collaboration with the MITSUI & CO. Group and the development and assignment of specialists.
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Taking on the challenges of driving our business into high-value-added fields in order to contribute to developing an environmentally friendly society

Electromagnetic steel sheet is a high-value-added product that is essential for products used in the electricity and motive power applications, such as transformers and motors. Utilizing robust sales networks established with leading partner companies in Japan and overseas, we sell high-quality electromagnetic steel sheet throughout the world in order to meet the rapidly expanding demand for electric power, and to support the development of the smart society. In response to the rapidly growing demand for transformers and electric motors to meet energy efficiency requirements in particular, we strive to contribute to efficient energy and resource utilization as part of the effort to address environmental issues. As we conduct and develop business, we will continue our dialogue with our stakeholders.

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