Ferrous Raw Materials Unit

Look to the Development of the "Recycling Based Society"

Distributing steel scrap for the future

Mitsui & Co. Steel Ltd is buying steel scrap which is collected and processed by scrap dealers, and supplying it to domestic and Asian steelmakers. Dismantling buildings, vehicles and electrical appliances constantly produces ferrous scrap. Such metal scrap is indispensable for manufacturing new metal products and provides valuable raw materials in resource-poor Japan. Furthermore, effective use of the scrap contributes to establishing a "Recycling-Based Society". We will be distributing steel scrap not only in Japan but also in the overseas market. One characteristic of steel scrap is that the generation volume is not controllable and is affected by various economic factors, so its market price fluctuates much and often. As worldwide crude steel production has been increasing rapidly in recent years, the demand for steel scrap is getting energetic recently than before. We, as a leading supplier in this field, feel certain that we can satisfy requirements for a stable supply which leads to moderate market price fluctuation. Our professional staff in each metal field respond to the various needs of our customers accurately and immediately with Mitsui & Co., Ltd's global network.

Spread our stainless scrap worldwide

In general, stainless product life is about 20 to 25 years. Demolishing buildings, vehicles, and electrical appliances constantly produces stainless scrap and it is desired by domestic and overseas steelmakers that produce stainless steels. Japan is the leading country of scrap generating. Nowadays, the demand for stainless scrap has increased in emergent countries. Our field is now spreading all over the world!

Home Appliance Recycle and Resource Recycling Using Gasification Fusion Furnace

Based on the concept "waste is a valuable resource," we are creating new business models that utilize new technologies in accordance with the new regulations. For example, we handle metal scrap and plastic scrap from home appliance recycling companies. We also provide shredder residues to electric power related companies and steel makers that manage the latest technology of gasification fusion furnace. Additionally, we are supporting Sims Group LTD to expand their home appliance recycling business. (Mitsui & Co., LTD is their largest shareholder.) We would like to continue to contribute to domestic and overseas companies in helping to find the best resource recycling solutions. *Sims Group LTD changed its name to Sims Metal Management Ltd. on 21 Nov. 2008.

For the high quality steel

We have promoted the ferroalloys business, which supports all processes from producing steel to recycling, and we have gained a high reputation in the domestic and international market. Ferro-alloys are very important materials for producing high quality steel. They are used to remove the impurities contained in steel or to provide the special characteristic for steel such as stainless steel. We also focus on this business. We accommodate domestic steelmakers demand and have a certain trust from our clients.